Unauthorized Charges On Card

This is going to be a long post. If you have unauthorized charges from EbookPro.org and want to know what to do, then move right down.

***09 Feb 2016: It has been over a year since I last posted this, but I still got occasional comments and emails on this post. So these people are still out there, cheating authors. Also, these people won’t stop emailing me with new emails! I’ve updated the companies’ names below.

***26 Feb 2015: I’ve updated this post based on comments from several others.

What happened?

 I’m not a person who keeps track of all my expenses. Most of the time, I don’t even check my statement to make sure that everything is in order.

But I thank God that I do have a system. I have a bank account solely for the purpose of paying bills. Each month, I deposit just enough money in that bank account for the monthly bills I have to pay: phone bills … etc.

Then a couple of days ago, I received an email about a recurring payment that was unable to go through, which was weird because there should be enough for all that I have to pay. So, I went into my account and checked through the statement.

I didn’t have to go far.

The top three transactions read:
Jan 17 EbookPro.org $99 (Jan15)
Jan 17 EbookPro.org $99 (Jan 15)
Jan 17 EbookPro.org $17.99 (Jan 15)

I knew immediately that I didn’t make those purchases.


Because my ebook promotion expenses are the only expenses I actually keep track!

My husband, who works in a bank, is always telling me that I should keep track of how much I put in to know if I’m making a profit. Absolutely logical, of course. And so I did.

And again, by God’s grace, I actually remembered this website due to the recent blasts of emails I have been getting from them. 

I noticed those emails because the ebook promotion they were promoting was about some book blast thingy, which was the same term used by the website ListMyEbook.com. That website no longer exists.

I thought it was weird because I was certain ListMyEbook.com had the same promotion. I have a pretty good memory, and I knew I bought that package twice from that website. So out of curiosity, I clicked on the promo email sent by EbookPro.org.

Here’s the link I copied from EbookPro.org Promo email:
***Notice the link goes to ListMyEbook

And here’s the screenshot of the email:

Since I had their email address from their emails, I emailed them about the unauthorized charges:

And I got this reply:

I flew off the handle when I saw that reply. A formal request? Dissatisfied with the service? I did not purchase any service! They charged my card without authorization and now they want me to submit a formal request?!

So here’s what I replied:

I was boiling! It wasn’t just that the amount was over $200, it was the fact that I placed my trust in a website, but that owner shut it down, opened another website, then used my card information! Even if it were just $10, I would be pissed.

Self-published authors already have so many challenges in a world that is dominated by large publishing firms. Yet this website is cheating the trust that self-published authors placed in it.

Anyway, after half an hour or so, I received an email stating that a refund has been processed:

*I have yet to receive the refund in my bank account or see any reflection of it in the statement. (*Updated on Feb 20: I have received the funds back into my account. But to date, I haven’t received a reply explaining what happened.)

But this is only one transaction. There were THREE unauthorized transactions altogether. I emailed back the person and there was no reply. I waited for another day before sending another email:

There weren’t any news until a few hours ago when I received another two email notification that the unauthorized charges are being refunded. Here’s one of them:

*Again, I have yet to receive the refund in my bank account or see any reflection of it in the statement. (*Updated on Feb 20: I have received the funds back into my account. But to date, I haven’t received a reply explaining what happened.)

Why did I show you the last refund statement? Notice how the company name isn’t EbookPro.org? It is SOCMEDIA. I have no idea what website is that.

So, this shows that the owner/s of ListMyEbook, EbookPro.org, SOCMEDIA has more than one website.

I checked out EbookPro.org linked twitter account, and it is under NeBA @Nationalebook.

When I went there, I noticed a name I recognized: Elizabeth McNew. I contacted ListMyEbook about their promotion once, and she was the one who replied. Well, at least that was the name on the email.

Also, there was another twitter user who seemed to be having the same problem as I did and she mentioned that the contact page/email on EbookPro.org wasn’t working. This is the reason why I spend nearly an hour taking screenshot and typing this.

I think everyone should be warned.

By the way, I never received a reply to explain what happened.

What Should You Do?

1. Check your bank statement!
Make sure there isn’t any unauthorized charges.

2. If you’ve given your credit card information to ListMyEbook, EbookPro.orgSOCMEDIA, National E-book Association, or just any website linked to a Elizabeth McNew, cancel your card!

*Update 09 Feb 2016: Ebook Promotion Slots & Kindle Promotions may be from them as well. Same email format. Similar form for entering credit card details. Again, whenever possible, I highly suggest using Paypal to pay for all promos.

3. If you have been charged, here are their contact information:
publishingglobal@gmail.com (the address I copied off their promotional emails) or info@ebookpro.org (the address they replied me by and the address that I sent my second email to) or ebookpromoguys@gmail.com (the email address at the end of the refund statement they sent me.)

4. *Update on 26 Feb: Get them on Twitter. When I went to EbooksPro.org website and clicked on the twitter icon, it led me to National E-book Association’s twitter account. Here’s the link: https://twitter.com/nationalebook.

5. *Update on 26 Feb: Getting your bank to refund the charges. One of the readers has commented that he was able to convince his bank to refund the charges by showing the bank that no one replied after repeated attempts to contact them through the email.

*Update on 20 Feb: I have received the refunds, but I haven’t received any email explaining what happened. This makes me think that there is something shady about the company. What I have received is emails from Nation E-book Association (this is the website that EbookPro.org’s twitter account leads to) promoting their services. Again, if I were you, I’ll beware of this website.

And more contact details from the email they reply me:

I’m not sure if the number works because I never tried calling.

I hope this helps. And if you had unauthorized charges as I did, I hope you’ll get your money back.

Do share this post with fellow self-published authors. 

28 thoughts on “Unauthorized Charges On Card

  1. Stay FAR FAR AWAY from these slimy guys. Unfortunately I got taken by these guys and I’ve filed a dispute with my credit card company after receiving no response from them.

    I bought a 3-day promo in December. Then in January and February, they charged me $99, $319, and $189 (ouch). Once I saw the charges on my statement, I immediately tried to contact them via phone and email. No response on either end. I started a dispute with my credit card company, but they were reluctant at first to begin proceedings, because according to their records, the site had signed me up for “recurring charges”. I convinced them that this was fraudulent activity, because the links they have set up on their site to contact them don’t work, and I had no way to cancel these so-called “recurring charges”. If you look at their Terms and Conditions http://ebookpro.org/services-terms-and-conditions.html:

    “The member may cancel their services, subscription or membership within three days of submitting their payment information. The user hereby acknowledges that upon submitting their credit/debit card information, the user is opting-in to membership which includes a monthly maintenance fee subject to change at any time and for any reason (see fee schedule for current fees). ”

    ie. as soon as you give them your credit card information, you’re agreeing to let them charge you whatever they want! How crazy is that??? They sneak that in because nobody ever reads these things anyways.

    I also canceled my card so they can’t put through any additional charges.

    Anyways, thanks for the rant, but don’t give these scamsters any of your money!

    1. Gosh…that’s a ridiculous clause.

      Did you try the email address I placed in my post? Otherwise, you can try getting them on their twitter account. I’ve updated that information as well. I’m sure they won’t want their scam to be revealed so they’ll probably respond to your tweet immediately.

      Otherwise, I hope your bank will cancel those charges. My bank basically said there was nothing they could do because I’ve purchased from another of their website before, so it isn’t considered a fraudulent charge. The phone operator kept asking if I signed up for recurring charges as well!

      I hope you get your money back. My purpose of the rant was so other authors will take note and stay away from these people!

  2. These same people have rung up $5405 just yesterday on my credit card. Talk about fraud. They have a total of $7367 on my credit card this month. I quickly called the bank and had the card closed cancelled. The bank will be crediting back the false charges and sending a new card. Be very vigilant and read your invoice. This is the first time this has happened to me and I am going to be sure it is the last.

  3. Wow, just opened my credit card statement and have charges from these bozos as well. Same thing, tried to contract with listmyebook.com back in December, gave them credit card number for a small one time promotion (which didn’t happen and for which I was never charged and I never received any communication about), and now this charge from ebookpro.org. I have emailed them, thanks to your contact information, Trisha, and contacted my credit card company to find out that it is set up as a REOCCURRING charge and canceling the card and getting a new one won’t do any good. The credit card rep asked me about the contract I agreed to and the free trial that I received – NO I DIDN’T, neither of those things. Complete fraud. I’m hoping ebookpro.org refunds these charges.

    1. I’ve updated the what to do section based on some comments. Try convincing your bank that the charges are fraudulent by showing them that the website can’t be contacted through emails. My bank says they’ll check with the website and ask them to provide details to show that they have the right details for my credit card, which of course they would since I gave it to them through Listmyebook.com! Don’t relent. Keep emailing them and demand that they return it to you. It’s your money!

  4. Same thing has happened to me. They fleeced me for $450 on what should have been a $13 promo. I’m based in the UK which is making it doubly difficult to resolve. No response to emails, & now I see the website has been flipped to Israel!

    1. Have you contacted your bank? Have you tried reaching them through the National E-book Association account? I got a promo email from the National E-book Association a couple of days back, so I don’t think they’ll want potential victims to be alerted and will probably get back to you quickly.

  5. I’ve been dealing with this for the past month as well. Charges that totalled in excess of $12000. The folks at Capital One are investigating ebookpro and its shady offshoots and not only was the money credited to me, but after I sent a couple of nasty emails, the company itself refunded all the charges in one morning. However, not only did they continue to send barely disguised promo offers again and again, just this morning, I started receiving invoices for those same amounts they’d fraudulently charged my credit card in the first place. I’ve never been taken for this kind of ride in my life, and if nothing else, I’m learning the price of vigilance. Little annoyed that my credit card company didn’t catch it, because they were sure on it when my wife bought a plane ticket to England.

    1. I’m so glad you got your money back. Didn’t you cancel your credit card? I think you should. I think these people will keep charging you under different company names until they are completely unable to do so. And yes, I kept receiving those “barely disguised promo offers” again and again. At first, I updated this post whenever they sent me with a new promo letter (especially those that still states ebookpro in their email), but they kept changing names of companies and new promotions. I hope nobody falls for them. Now, when I do book promotions, I choose websites that allow payment through Paypal.

      1. Oh yeah, the card was cancelled/number changed the day I discovered the fraud. It just caused a great deal of inconvenience and that violated feeling. I’ve actually had direct email contact with Elizabeth McNew, because when I suddenly started receiving invoices for the money after it’d been refunded, it was through her new company. So I wrote her another nasty email, then found her on Facebook and outed her as a fraud. That got her hopping mad with all kinds of “You do not want to fuck with me and my business or I will sue your ass” type stuff. Then I calmly explained that I was the one that SHE didn’t want to be messing with, and suddenly she got very polite, making all kinds of claims about how she built these little sites and then sold them, and it was someone else committing fraud in her good name, blahblahblah. Suffice to say, she’s a nasty little con artist to the core and if she’s not careful, someday she’ll run up against someone more resourceful, determined and angry than myself and find herself in real bad trouble. Ask me, that day can’t come soon enough.

  6. I had my book put on listmyebook.com but paid with paypal.i wanted to cancel but she talked me into stopping the dispute. I know that every time I try to contact her that she is blocking me off twitter. I haven’t received my royalties. Does anyone know her phone number

    1. Haven’t received the royalties? Did you give them the book for distribution? I don’t have her phone number. But I have listed their email address for ebook pro in the post. Maybe you can try to get her there? I’ve went back to search my email for the List my ebook email that she contacted me with: info@listmyebook.com I hope it helps.

  7. I had just received an email for a promotion with a discount for the end of October. The price was cheap and the books on their site had great rankings. I was entering my details, but in the back of my mind I felt something was off. Usually a site that had good readership, the cost to promote is high and most of the books were NY Times Bestsellers etc. Why would they have promoting space left so close to the end of the month? I began wondering if they had just linked to those books to look like they were a great promotion option as I started entering my book’s details. Then I got to the credit card section. NO PAYPAL. Big sign. And they want all your details name, address, phone as well as credit card. I’ve never added that much info for a book promo. A quick search of eBookPro Fraud brought me here. Thank you for writing this post. I was definitely on the fence with my dodgy senses going haywire, but your post cemented my decision to steer clear!

    1. I’m glad my post helped! That was my purpose of writing it! It’ll be wise to note their form style. I just received another email that looked like another of their spin-off companies. Marketing is tough. We shouldn’t have to waste money or get cheated on scams!

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